Little Feet Music Classes

Little Feet Music offers fun, cool, creative and interactive music classes for kids aged six months to five years!

Rachel IS Little Feet Music.

Due to Covid-19 we are running Zoom classes.

Casual Family (All ages) Zoom classes are available for $10 per class.

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CrAzY Rachel

Rachel Parkinson

Rachel Parkinson has been running children’s music programs since 2005, so she has a plethora of experience with children and with music! Rachel completed a Preschool Music Teacher Training Course through the Kodaly Music Education Institute of Australia and is a full writer member of the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA). Rachel has been a member of the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) since 2011. Rachel is continually updating her skills by attending workshops and courses. She’s been involved in the entertainment industry since the early 90s, having played drums, guitar and sung in original touring pub and club bands from the tender age of 16. Rachel has recorded 4 Little Feet Music albums and there are more on the way.

  • APRA/AMCOS registered songwriter, written over 200 songs and ARIA member
  • Musician since 1991
  • Kodaly Music Education 
  • Totally CrAzY

Babies class

Live music, singing, dancing and playing percussion instruments. Loads of songs you know, and heaps of new ones to learn! Fun, colourful puppets, finger and lap plays. These classes are great for child/parent bonding and for giving parents and carers musical ideas for home. You’ll know loads of the songs, and there are loads of new ones to learn! Term fee includes a Little Feet Music song book!

  • Singing and moving to music 
  • Playing percussion instruments
  • Colourful puppets and props
  • Sensory awareness
Toddlers playing a drum


Live music where listening skills are enhanced – children start to learn how to identify changes in music (e.g., start and stop) and musical elements such as dynamics (loud and quiet), tempo (fast and slow) and timbre (characteristics of sounds). Learn about taking it in turns, meet some interesting and friendly puppets, learn colours and counting through music, and have a great fun time. Listening and social skills are developed and nurtured. Term fee includes a Little Feet Music song book!

  • Listening skills
  • Self-expression
  • Learning colours and counting
  • Musical games


Live music! Cool, creative and fun! Singing and conscious learning of beat, tempo, dynamics and pitch through fabulously fun and stimulating games, movement, songs and rhymes. Musical elements are expanded on and the focus is on having fun while gaining an understanding of music. Simple notation and the concept of reading from left to right are developed. There’s lots of structured musical game playing and solo singing opportunities in a relaxed and friendly environment. Children who continue on for the 4-5 year old program learn some of the symbols which represent musical sounds and rests and how to play simple songs/melodies on the chime bars. Term fee includes a Little Feet Music song book!

  • Language and literacy
  • Social skills
  • Memory skills
  • Learning beat and rhythm
Preschoolers tapping a steady beat
Little Feet Music pictures

Family Class

It’s like a BIG PARTY every week! Live music, songs, dances and playing percussion instruments. Fun, colourful puppets and simple instruments. These sessions are great for child/parent bonding and for giving parents and carers musical ideas to use at home. Dancing, jumping and wriggling, playing musical games, learning about taking it in turns, meeting some interesting puppets, learning colours and counting through music, and having a great fun time. Listening and social skills are developed and nurtured. Term fee includes a Little Feet Music song book!

  • A focus on fun
  • Singing, dancing, clapping and jumping
  • Learning about beat and rhythm
  • Learning colours and counting through music

Albert Park – Gasworks Arts Park , 21 Graham St, Albert Park VIC 3206

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Rach and Kids

At Little Feet Musicthe music is all LIVELive music is COOL

Little Feet Music is fun educational music and entertainment for your little ones.
Rachel Parkinson runs Little Feet Music – amazingly fun and engaging music and movement classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.
Rachel knows HUNDREDS of songs, so it never gets boring!

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