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The Little Feet Music Band

The full band features Rachel and her rockin' guitar, Bingle the Bear, drums and bass. The music is ALL live with no silly backing tracks. This a great format for festivals, events, theatre shows, school fetes and any event at which you'd love to have the Little Feet Music band performing.

Making music fun

Rachel & Bingle Little Feet Music Band

The Little Feet Music band performs entertaining, interactive, funny shows that kids AND adults love. There are well-loved nursery rhymes and originals that get kids moving and interacting straightaway, even if they have never heard the songs before. Everyone has a great time at a Little Feet Music live event.

Rachel & Bingle the Bear

Rachel and Bingle the Bear shows are ALL live (no backing tracks), interactive and fun! The kids absolutely LOVE Bingle the Bear! This is a great format for fetes, community events and schools, kindergarten, early learning centres, Christmas and birthday parties, end of year parties, corporate events and open days. 

Rachel solo

Rachel and her rockin' guitar shows are ALL live, interactive and fun! This format is amazing for anything from 5 - 5000+ people.

Some of our Songs and Shows

Our setlist is carefully curated to be fun, interactive and educational. 

Rachel writes songs that are educational and fun, they may be about body parts, animals, hygiene, sharing and being inclusive or physical activities to get audiences moving (including the older people..)

Rachel has been a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting competition five times (so far).

Little Feet Music has released four CDs, is available on Spotify and has tons of videos on YouTube.


St Kilda Festival, Moomba, Queenscliff Music Festival, Blues Train, Ripponlea...

Rachel was the MC/host for many of these events.


Birthday parties, corporate functions and parties, Christmas or almost any other party. 


Creche, Incursions, 

PWC Still
Little Feet Music CDs
Original Songs

Songs about jumping, germs, brushing your teeth, counting, animals, body parts and more

Baby Shark 100
Nursery Rhymes

Songs you and the kids know. Wheels on the Bus, Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes, Hokey Pokey, Baby Shark (if you really want it..) and loads, loads more!

Zoom classes 2
Zoom / Online

We have a green-screen studio and can perform branded shows customised for your needs. 

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Little Feet Music Show

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    Whatever you needwe have a package to entertain you

    Look into the eyes of a young child and see sparkle and wonder. Our live events entertain and educate. The songs include activities that encourage counting, jumping, identifying body parts, good food and hygiene habits and lots more, but mostly FUN!

    • Fun and entertaining
    • Educational
    • Interactive
    • Inclusive

    Photos from some of our events