Rachel showing how it’s done

TA fantastic time was had recording in Peter Frampton's, Phenix Studios in Nashville.
There was an amazing team including Rachel Parkinson (lala and twang), Nick Buda (boom whacky), Tim Marks and Steve Mackey (bom, bom, bom), Anita Thomas (windy, blowy), Bill Risby (tinkly things), Sam Hawksley (stringy things), Matt Legge (turny, recordy), Damien Young (more turny, recordy), then a great team back in Melbourne to finish it all off - Karen Morcombe, Ned Morcombe and Alex Morcombe (additional lalas) and Crystal Mastering (final squishy bits).
You can listen to the results on the usual places, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, etc.

Little Feet Music
In the studio
Phenix Studios, Nashville
Peter Frampton's Studio
The final product
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