FAQs and T&Cs about classes

Do parents/carers join in with the classes?

Yes!  Children will share the experience of music with their parent or carer, encouraging bonding between the child and the attending adult.  Children will learn more when they see you becoming involved – they’ll discover that music is a natural part of life to be experienced and enjoyed by people of all ages!

Through Little Feet Music many adults rediscover their own pleasure in making music.

What should my child wear to music classes?

Children need to wear something comfortable as there is lots of moving around to the music, i.e., clapping, jumping, wobbling and wiggling.  They’ll also need to take their shoes off once you get into the room. 

I have a young baby - can I bring him/her along too?

The program is designed to be a one-on-one music session for you and your child, however attendance of babies is welcomed.  As they get older, they may make it difficult for you and the participating child to join in and many parents make child care arrangements at this stage.  From when they start to join in or at twelve months of age (whichever comes earlier) then a generous discount of 25% is available for the second child.

My older child is attending - can I bring him/her along?

If a sibling under 6 years of age is attending a one-off session, the fee is $20 per class.  If you'd like to enrol them in for the term, then they'll get a 25% discount on the term fee.  If child other than a sibling is attending a one-off session, the fee is $26 per class.

Is there a discount for bringing more than one child to the classes?

There is a 25% discount for the second child when siblings come to the same class.

What happens if we miss a class?

If you miss a class, please contact us by email or phone prior to 9am on the day of the class that you will miss.  To make up for the missed class you can either;
·       attend a class on another day, or
·       send a friend along to the class in your place, or
·       bring a friend along to another class with you
as long as it is within the term you have paid for.  Make sure you confirm with the office before making up the missed class to avoid the situation where there are too many children in one class.   Refunds are not possible for missed classes.  Should you cancel at anytime there is a $50 cancellation fee.

Why Music?

Music strengthens self image and self assurance, promotes concentration and focused listening and promotes enhanced social abilities.  Children have a natural love for singing, moving to music and dancing, jumping, clapping and tapping.  Music offers opportunities for social interaction and children learn to express themselves freely through music and movement. The connection betweeen music and mood starts early.  The more we respond to music by moving to it, the more the brain releases dopamine - the feel-good hormone.

Why Little Feet Music?

The Little Feet Music program is a carefully researched, developmental and sequential music program.  It’s interactive, entertaining and educational.  Rachel sings and plays guitar, so all of the music is live!  There are loads of weird and wonderful percussion instruments and fun, colourful props.  Each term your child will be given a Little Feet Music song book to keep, which has lots of the songs and activities we’ll do in the classes for that term.   There are lots of songs you’ll know as well as loads more for you to learn!

Live music is COOL!  The Little Feet Music classes all use voice and guitar, so it's real LIVE music!

Through the Little Feet Music program children acquire a knowledge of musical concepts such as beat, rhythm, inner hearing, pitch (high and low), dynamics (loud and soft), timbre (characteristics of sounds), form and tempo (fast and slow) while gaining enhanced social skills and confidence.

Little Feet Music is LOTS of fun and the best way for children to learn is by having fun!

Observation is participation!

Many parents find that their children start singing at home the songs they’ve been learning at Little Feet Music classes, which shows that they have actually been listening and absorbing the information provided in the classes.  The Little Feet Music room is an absorption room; not all children will participate straight away! 

6-12 months – 30 minute classes
  • Songs, dances and playing percussion instruments
  • Sensory awareness
  • Fun, colourful puppets and percussion instruments are used and there are lots of finger and lap plays
  • Great for child/parent bonding and for giving parents and carers musical ideas to use at home.
1-2 years – 30 minute classes
  • Listening skills are enhanced - children start to learn how to identify changes in music (e.g., start and stop)
  • Musical elements such as dynamics (loud and quiet), tempo (fast and slow) and timbre (characteristics of sounds)
  • Singing, dancing, clapping and jumping!
  • Vocalisation
2-3 years – 40 minute classes
  • Dancing, jumping and wriggling, playing musical games
  • Learning about taking it in turns, meeting some interesting and friendly puppets
  • Learning colours and counting through music and generally having a great fun time
  • Listening and social skills are developed and nurtured
3-4 years – 40 minute classes
  • Conscious learning of beat, tempo, dynamics and pitch through stimulating games, directed movement, songs and rhymes
  • Musical elements are expanded on and the focus is on having fun while gaining an understanding of music
  • Opportunities for solo singing
  • Taking turns and learning to recognise the difference between low and high notes
4-5 years – 40 minute classes
  • Learning symbols which represent musical sounds and rests
  • Playing simple songs/melodies on the chime bars. 
  • Simple notation and the concept of reading from left to right are built upon.
  • Structured musical game playing and solo singing opportunities in a relaxed and friendly environment
  • Children who participate in Little Feet Music’s 4-5 year old program can confidently move onto learning a musical instrument